Race, Ethnicity, & Ancestry in Health Research

Join us for this year’s virtual conference on June 16, 2022 (4-6pm EDT) as we explore the challenges and best practices for addressing Race, Ethnicity, and Ancestry in Health Research – particularly in the context of ‘OMICS studies.


Marie Pigeyre
Assistant Professor, Medicine,
McMaster University

Matthew Lanktree
Assistant Professor, Medicine,
McMaster University


Ingrid Waldron 
Professor of Humanities,
HOPE Chair in Peace and Health in the Global Peace and Social Justice Program,
McMaster University

Sonia Anand 
Professor of Medicine,
Canada Research Chair in Ethnic Diversity and Cardiovascular Disease,
McMaster University 

Ron Do 
Associate Professor, Genomics,
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai,
New York, New York

About Us

The ‘OMICS and Epidemiology conference is hosted by the Population Genomics Program at McMaster – Canada’s most research-intensive university.

The Population Genomics Program (PGP) mobilizes McMaster’s expertise and resources in population health, genomics, clinical trials and health-research methodology to investigate the influences of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions on disease. It fosters interdisciplinary collaborations among clinical researchers and basic scientists to marshal new insights and discoveries in the burgeoning field of population genomics at McMaster.

The PGP applies the disciplines of epidemiology, biostatistics and computational biology to reveal and interpret the complex relationships between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPS) and other DNA sequence patterns in individuals and the expression of common complex diseases including respiratory disease, autism, obesity, infectious and immunological diseases, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in populations.