About the Conference

McMaster University’s Faculty of Health Sciences is pleased to host ‘Omics and Epidemiology, a two-day virtual conference.

This is our third ‘OMICS and Epidemiology conference, organized by members of McMaster University’s Population Genomics Program (PGP).

Speakers include PGP members and experts who will share their vision, and forward-thinking educational strategies.

Register now to attend virtually via Zoom.


Who should attend?

The conference explores how laboratory tools and advances in technology contribute to our understanding of health and disease, including the COVID-19 pandemic. It is designed for:

  • Clinicians, researchers, and epidemiologists wondering how recent high-throughput omics technologies can impact medicine and public health
  • Omics experts who want to boost their knowledge in evidence-based medicine
  • Statisticians/computer scientists who are intrigued by biomedical sciences
  • Students seeking a multidisciplinary education to make a difference (Learn more about the Student Poster Competition)