Conference Program (Subject to Change)

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4:00 pm

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Land Acknowledgement

Dr. Marie Pigeyre & Dr. Matthew Lanktree

4:10 pm

If we are all humans, is race-based health research important?

Dr. Ingrid Waldron

4:40 pm

Best practices to define, measure, and incorporate self-reported race, ethnicity, and genetic ancestry data in health research

Dr. Sonia Anand

5:10 pm

Challenges and opportunities for population genomics and trans-ancestral genetic research

Dr. Ron Do 

5:40 pm

Panel Discussion

6:00 pm

Closing Remarks

Dr. Marie Pigeyre

6:05 pm

End of Event

Presentation Abstracts / Objectives

This presentation has three main objectives:

  • To discuss racism as a structural determinant of health that leads to health disparities in Black communities in Canada.
  • To discuss the importance of race-based health research in Canada.
  • To argue the importance of collecting race-based health data, using my studies on environmental racism, and health and mental health in Black Canadian communities, including mental illness and COVID-19.

This presentation has three main objectives:

  • To review the meaning and use of Ethnicity, Race, and Ancestry.
  • To show examples of when to choose which term in health research.
  • To provide recommendations for their use in health research.
This presentation has three main objectives:
  • To call attention to the lack of global diversity in population genomics research
  • To highlight example research studies of why diversity matters
  • To discuss opportunities and future directions